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Integral Thread travels the world to seek out products and people that align with our values and mission. We love our own creations, but the world is filled with brilliant artists, and we would be remiss if we didn’t bring these treasures to our clients. Our collection and company are stronger because of them. Like us, community is at the forefront of their brands. Because of their benevolence and gifted artistry, we are proud to carry these lines.

Lapchi trimming Lapchi swatches 80 opac


Unlike rugs mass-produced by others, Lapchi rugs are designed and produced one at a time for people with a passion for design. In 1997, Lapchi revolutionized the hand-made rug industry by creating the infrastructure to make rugs to exact specifications. Today, owner Salman Khan and a staff of 20 closely monitor the production of every Lapchi custom rug. We share their philosophy that, seen from the street, our homes may resemble others, but within, they express our style and uniqueness.

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Knots Rug Diamonds Vintage Deep Green Knots rugs bespoke items 80 opac


Knots Rugs is a London based rug company recognized for their individual style, unique coloration and commitment to a high art aesthetic. They create statement pieces and classic timeless collections using natural fibers, also offering a fully beskpoke service for residential and commercial projects, large and small. Their exquisite creations adorn the most luxurious homes around the world. A female led company, Knots maintains a strong focus on keeping the art of rug weaving alive and creating a space for women in the rug industry. Their STEP Fair Trade partnership is the key element in their efforts to support and promote weavers and workers in Nepal and has been a guiding principle since the company's inception.

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Batillosi rug coll tocca Batillosi rug quantum raspberry wool 80 opac


One of Italyʼs premier carpet and textile art merchants, the Battilossi name has been synonymous with connoisseurship in the textile arts for two generations. The work of the best craftsmen in the East, Batilossi rugs are hand woven using ancient techniques that result in unmatched quality, originality, and beauty. Battilossi offers an expansive palette of 1200 shades of silk and raw wool that enables them to produce natural, harmonious variegations that replicate the look of naturally dyed antique carpets.

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