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The materials that are used in our rugs are sourced from all over the globe. Each fiber has innate qualities that set them apart from each other. Our materials are from the earth and for the earth. We do not use materials that involve harsh chemical processes or harm the environment.

Organic wool yarn rug material Hanging dyed wool yarn organic rug material 80 opac


Wool is a natural protein fiber sourced from the fleece of sheep and processed into yarn. A renewable resource grown year-round from a simple blend of water, air, sunshine and grass, wool is traditionally the most used fiber in rug making because of its durability, strength, and its ability to accept dye. Wool is a protein fiber, with scales of overlapping protein pointing toward the tip. At a microscopic level, each wool fiber is like a coiled spring that returns to its natural shape after being bent, giving it anti-wrinkle properties, meaning it springs back into its shape after crushing. Integral Thread uses wool from New Zealand, whose sheep produce the whitest wool, as well as Indian wool.

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Silk yarn organic rugs Silk cocoons organic rug fiber 70 opac


Silk is a protein fiber derived from the stringy web material of the silkworm. While it is known for its delicate and shiny appearance, silk is also extremely strong and durable. Because silk is incredibly soft, smooth, and lightweight, adding silk into a rug heightens its luxurious appeal and value.

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Viscose yarn poms organic rug design Viscose tree pulp organic rug design 70 opac


Viscose is an umbrella term for a man-made yarn made from natural cellulose fiber. Viscose may be referred to as banana silk, bamboo silk, art silk, among other terms. These different names differentiate the various natural pulps used to make the yarn for rugs. In this process, the natural material is ground down and processed before being converted into yarn form. Viscose is shiny like silk, but has a heavier hand. Viscose is often an economical alternative to true silk when designing an organic rug.

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Linen rugs soumac weave Linen yarn organic rug material 70 opac


Linen is cellulose fiber derived from the flax plant. Rugs made with linen are lustrous, can shine like silk, but are very sturdy. Because of its stiffer nature, linen makes an excellent fiber to use in the Soumac weaving technique, which looks like small braids or a knit fabric. When linen is added to a cut pile, it adds a firmness and durability to your organic rug.

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Nettle yarn organic rug design Nettle plant organic rug material 70 opac

Nettle Fiber Rugs

Nettle is another cellulose fiber derived from nettle plant. It is a soft, lightweight fiber, which is what creates its silky luster in organic rugs. Nettle is grown mainly in the Himalayas, China, India and Burma.

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Aloe plant organic rug material Aloe sisal fiber organic rug material 80 opac

Aloe / Sisal

Aloe is derived from aloe plant and sometimes known as sisal. Another cellulose fiber, aloe tends to be a stiff and sturdy fiber. Aloe is a renewable resource, and is an anti-static and biodegradable option for making organic rugs.

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Non dyed yarn organic rugs Non dyed yarn closeup organic rugs 80 opac


Our non-dyed rugs are made with wool in its natural hue. Instead of dyeing wool to make neutral colors, we rely on the brilliance of nature for the neutral tones, ranging from warm beige to cool grey. The natural colored wool can be blended with other materials to create texture or shine. In our non-dyed collection, we blend wool with viscose during the spinning process to add shine to the natural, neutral tones.

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Cotton yarn spools organic rug material Cotton plant organic rug material 80 opac


Cotton is a cellulose fiber that comes from the cotton plant. The fluffy fiber surrounds the plant’s seeds and is soft and absorbent. Cotton is a strong fiber - even stronger when wet - making for a solid structural base for rugs. Most of our rugs use cotton yarns as a warp.

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