Integral Thread

“The details are not the details; they are the design” | Charles Eames


Craftsmanship is the quality of work shown in a handmade object. It can be found in the perfection of each knot, in the selection of colors, in the science of yarn dyeing, and in the finishing details. Each step of the rug making process is an integral part of making the final work of art.

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Integral Thread uses an array of natural materials. From wool and silk to other more unexpected plant based fibers like aloe and nettle, each material holds its own origin, hand, and appropriate uses.

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Lapchi trimming Rug loom artisan 75 opac


The traditional rug making process has been established by generations of weavers for hundreds of years. In modern rug making, the process provides the structure to which we apply innovation and new eyes to cater to modern needs. Rugs begin as a natural fiber, which is cleaned, processed, and spun into yarn. Once in yarn form, it is knotted onto a warp. The warp describes the vertical running strings of the plane of the rug, creating the foundation. After knotting, the rug goes through an intense washing and finishing process. At last, the rug dries in the sun before making its journey to its home.

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Baby crawling on fur flokati rug

Care & Cleaning

Keeping up with the cleaning of your rug can extend its lifetime as an heirloom piece. Each rug will have its own qualities which must be taken into consideration both while purchasing and keeping up with your rug’s life.

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