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Integral Thread

About Us

We create & curate bespoke, hand-made rugs & textiles from natural materials that are ethically sourced and sustainable so that our clients can enjoy them for years to come.

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Our Reason

Simon Sinek’s Start With Why has been at the heart of Integral Thread’s mission development. Each member of our team was challenged to find their personal WHY so that we could align that with our company’s WHY. Why do we get up in the morning? What inspires us? What is our purpose and how do we carry those values out in our work? It has been a deep exploration whose outcome we are proud to share - Integral Thread’s WHY:

To serve and inspire our community with empathy, integrity and creativity so that we can offer a positive contribution to the environment and all of those around us.

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Our Roots

Integral Thread’s roots began in 2008, when Stephanie’s entrepreneurial spirit was first sparked during the height of the recession in Chicago. She started her first interior design business, which eventually led her into a partnership with the rug business that she brought to Colorado in 2013.

Just as Stephanie was leaving Chicago to come to Colorado, her sister Stacie was entering Chicago to obtain her masters in Nutrition and Dietetics at Loyola University. She began working at the rug location in Chicago, and soon after, Sarah also came on board. Even though Stacie and Sarah were in Chicago, they often assisted Stephanie in Denver. The synergy was immediate, and they knew one day they would work together on a much deeper and creative level.

As the rug business developed in Colorado, Stephanie realized that her vision needed a voice of its own. With that, years of hard work, patience, and inspiration from the team around her, Integral Thread was born.

We could not be more excited to launch this natural rug and textile art company that we have been dreaming about over the past few years.

Meet Our Team
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Our Mission

Our mission is to create & curate bespoke, hand-made rugs & textiles from natural materials that are ethically sourced and sustainable so that our clients can enjoy them for years to come. We are passionate about our work and seek to inspire others through our products and unparalleled customer service.

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Our Creed

Community: Use our success, outreach and profits to give back to our local community, our international & weaving communities and our charitable partners. We strive for success so that we have the time and money to help others.

Empathy: Use our deep empathy to connect with our clients and truly understand their situation. Our empathetic approach gives us the ability to offer the best possible customer service as we find common ground and way to relate. Because we are trained industry professionals, you can trust us when we say, “we have been there.”

Family: Respect and create work-life balance. Family is top priority in our company and in our lives. We want both our employees and our clients to feel that. We strive to create a work environment that doesn’t feel like a job, but that our team is a tribe; we are there to support and lift one another up.

Inspiration: We strive to be inspired each day while performing our “jobs”, even if it is only for a moment. It is easy to get lost in the mundane, but to create the best possible product and environment, we must create and find inspiration daily. We are inspired by creativity, nature, & human connection and we infuse our product with that and also take inspirational cues from our clients and the design community that we are a part of.

Integrity: We conduct our business practices and our personal lives with honesty, humility, and integrity. We hold ourselves and our vendors to a strong moral code of ethics to create a business that our clients can trust.

Sustainability: We use natural materials and create heirloom products that are meant to last. We educate our clients on hand-knotted rugs and help them understand the value and environmental impact of our products versus others that are part of the “throw away society” and the various toxins they can carry.