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Mongolian Cashmere

Integral Thread is developing new rug designs using Cashmere, specifically Mongolian Cashmere. We have developed 100% pure Mongolian Cashmere samples, blended it with silk, blended it with wool, and experimented with hand-carved “high-low” tessellated designs.

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Cashmere is a luxury fiber sourced from the extremely soft undercoat of cashmere goats

Known for its exceptional softness, warmth, and lightweight nature, it is highly sought after in the textile industry. The best quality cashmere is collected during the molting season when goats naturally shed their winter coat, making it a natural and sustainable practice.

Cashmere is incredibly soft due to its super fine fibers, much finer than sheep's wool. Softness is measured in microns, with the best cashmere fibers typically being around 14-16 microns in diameter. Despite its lightweight nature, cashmere provides excellent insulation, and is about three times more insulating than sheep's wool. High-quality cashmere is durable and also resists wrinkling and pills less than other types of wool.

Mongolian cashmere is renowned for its superior quality. The fiber length and diameter are ideal, contributing to its softness, warmth, and durability.

Unique Qualities of Mongolian Cashmere

GEOGRAPHICAL ORIGIN: Mongolian cashmere comes specifically from goats raised in the harsh climates of Mongolia. The extreme cold of the region encourages the development of a very fine and dense undercoat, which translates into high-quality cashmere.

EXTREME SOFTNESS: The harsh climate conditions where Mongolian goats live contribute to the development of exceptionally soft fibers, making Mongolian cashmere some of the softest available in the world.

PROCESSING: The process of obtaining cashmere involves combing the goats to collect the soft undercoat, which is then sorted, cleaned, and spun into yarn. Mongolian cashmere often undergoes minimal processing, retaining more of its natural qualities.

NATURAL COLORS: Mongolian cashmere often comes in a range of natural colors, from white to shades of brown and gray, reducing the need for chemical dyes. Not only are the natural colors gorgeous, but the fiber takes dye well, achieving stunning depth of hue.

SUSTAINABILITY: Traditional herding practices in Mongolia are generally sustainable, with a focus on animal welfare and environmental stewardship. However, the increasing demand for cashmere has led to overgrazing issues in some areas, impacting the environment.

ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE: Cashmere production is a significant part of Mongolia's economy. It supports the livelihoods of many nomadic herders and is a key export product.

CULTURAL HERITAGE: The traditional herding practices and the cultural significance of cashmere in Mongolia add to its uniqueness. The knowledge and skills passed down through generations also contribute to the high quality of Mongolian cashmere.

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