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Stephanie Holmes

Founder & Owner of Integral Thread

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About Stephanie


Stephanie is the founder & owner of Integral Thread. Her passion for design has existed since she was a child.

Growing up around construction, a mother who was constantly clipping interior inspiration out of design magazines, and a father who built her childhood home, she was inspired to follow a career in interior design.

Her entrepreneurial spirit was sparked in 2008, when she started her first interior design business in Chicago. That pivotal moment in her career, combined with the influence of mentors that she had in her life, sent her on a journey that has led to Integral Thread.

Stephanie is a deep empath who values kindness and compassion in both her business and personal life. Her desire to help others serves as her primary motivation which comes out in the level of service she offers to her clients and community.

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Family is Everything

Outside of the office, she spends time with her beautiful family who is a top priority in her life. She says:

“Family has made me who I am and who continues to help me be the best version of myself.”

She is about to be the mother of two amazing sons and is blessed with an incredibly helpful and supportive husband who has been by her side as she has formed Integral Thread. A part of her is a typical Coloradian who loves hiking, yoga & the outdoors, but she is a bit of a hybrid from growing up in a small town and also living in Chicago for 10 years. She is a little bit country and little bit city. She loves checking out the latest and greatest restaurants and spas, but you can also find her gardening in her flannel jamming to some Dolly Parton or Garth Brooks.

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Stephanie's Personal Why

To give help, happiness and kindness to those in need so that people feel love, fulfilled and inspired in their lives.

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