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Stacie Bryant

Manager of Integral Thread

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About Stacie


Stacie is the manager at Integral Thread and has a background in Food, Nutrition & Dietetics, as well as years of experience in the design industry.

Stacie’s interest in design stems from an early age growing up in a small, rural community where her father built her childhood home. She is fueled by her inner child and her spirit is fulfilled by giving back. Stacie very much looks forward to expanding the nonprofit side of Integral Thread both in our local community and communities abroad.

Outside of the office, Stacie gets her soul food from trips to the various farmers markets around town and experimenting with all things local. She is inspired and driven by the sun & the moon, flowers, exploring museums, art exhibits and music. If she isn’t practicing yoga or spending time with her close friends and family, you can find her with a glass of wine at her favorite neighborhood restaurant, buried in a book, journaling or dreaming up her next trip to Italy. She says:

“I think that being creative is self-care and is so important. It is essential to my daily routine.”

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Stacie's Personal Why

To bring together the environment, health, art, community and family so that the connection of all of them shines through in the products and services she offers.

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