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Sarah Geraci

Designer at Integral Thread

Sarah geraci walking with rug Sarah geraci black white portrait

About Sarah


Sarah is a textile artist and rug designer. She is a weaver by trade and uses the computer as a tool in her process. She holds a BFA in Fibers and Minor in Advertising from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

When her hands aren’t tangled up in string at her loom, they are used to do yoga, bake pies, and experiment with natural dyes. She delights in simple things like flowers, wood grain, fruit, and the moon. Sarah believes that we, as consumers, are hungry for noncommercial, tactile experiences which move us toward harmony with nature in our interiors.

Integral thread team tossing up rugs

Sarah's Personal Why

Create innovative and honest beauty with natural materials so that people can have inspiring products that have a limited carbon footprint.

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